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12-si 1-wire alternater conversion

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12-si 1-wire alternater conversion
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10/12 SI Alternator Conversion trouble -
Hello All, Recently switched to the 10/12SI alternator variety on my . I can't tell from the photos if the alternator wires actually connect to the HEI .

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Wiring up the GM 10SI Alternator
The 10SI has three terminals (including those with a 1 wire regulator). . for wiring up a 10SI, is wiring package 1870921 (for those 6 to 12volt conversions).

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How to Install a One Wire Alternator |
Installing a one wire alternator into a vehicle may seem like a formidable task, but most vehicles have an easily accessible alternator belt assembly and plenty of .

10SI Delco Alternator 1 Wire Self Excited Regulator Rebuild ...
Alternator Conversion Lead Delco 10SI 12SI 15SI to CS130 CS144 with . Delco 10SI 12SI 15SI 27SI self excited exciting 1 wire voltage regulator 12 volt .

Willy (1948 CJ2A) - OneWireAlternator
Jun 4, 2012 . 24 Volt from 12 Volt conversion system. . wire kits and alternators; Schematics of the Delco SI alternator (One Wire & as designed) . The one wire alternator has an internal regulator and thus only one wire is required to go . The one I use is manufactured by TRANSPRO and is catalog number D10SE12.



Three-Wire Delco 10SI/12SI Alternator Question - Hot Rod Forum ...
If you have a real OEM Delco 10si or 12si alternator, or equivalent, . However, if you have a Delco that was converted to 1 wire it would have a .

Convert from 6 Volts to 12 Volts. -
GM 10 or 12 SI ALTERNATOR - Most Popular Conversion . Don't go to the trouble of buying a 1 wire alternator unless you just want to get a chrome unit.

The Delco 10-SI and 12-SI Alternators
Converting a Series Land Rover to a Delco 10-SI or 12-SI Alternator. . a new wire harness at the same time as you are converting to an alternator, I understand .

Alternator conversions for older GM's
Jan 1, 2010 . In particular, I believe both the Ford and Chrysler alternator systems were . on why a 3 wire alternator is better than a 1-wire alternator as well as a great . alternator and details on the various models of the 10SI and 12SI .

Alternator Tech
The infamous '1 wire' alternator is based on the 10SI or 12SI units and require only the #2 terminal (sense) line to be connected to the output post. These units .

Alternator Kit - one wire kit
For Delco 10si, 12si and 15si alternators (GM 1970-1986). The standard . The One Wire Conversion Kit is available in two different packages: 1. The standard .

Encounters With NCISEdit

Delco SI Alternator 1-Wire vs 3-Wire Explained
I selected an aftermarket, 100-amp 12-SI unit for my conversion. This high-output alternator will require me to upgrade the wiring to safely handle the extra .

Delco 3-wire Alternator Wiring in an E-Type Jaguar - Page 2
This writeup provides a pictorial description of the wiring changes I found to be . out my Jaguar E-Type's Lucas alternator for a Delco 12-SI 3-wire alternator. I was . and describe what is required to make the alternator swap function properly.

Ford 8N and the Delco 10-SI Alternator
Seriously, if anyoue is that worried about originality, why are we even discussing doing a 12-volt conversion? Some people like the 1-wire Delco® alternator.

ONE-WIRE alternators - Mad Enterprises
For most applications, the advantages of a THREE-WIRE alternator will far outweigh . the ONE-WIRE system is exactly why we made our part#ALT-1, alternator wiring kit, . applies to all alternator systems, not just the 10SI and 12SI Delco systems. . calls from people who have experienced the result of such conversions.

Yesterday's Tractors - Step by Step 12-Volt Conversion
Step by step 12 volt conversion of a Farmall tractor. . For the alternator, use a Delco type 10-SI because: 1 - The 10-SI was the “standard” alternator on . 2 - The 10-SI is simple to wire - the voltage regulator is contained inside the alternator.

S-30 GM Alternator Conversion - Edmonton Z Car Club
By increasing the output capacity of the alternator, it helps the charging . style of alternator to the AC Delco/Remy 10SI or 12SI style of alternator used for . The Batt wire is the wire that should be connected to the battery via a fusible link. . When I purchased my early 1974, 260Z, I inherited a partial conversion from the .

Olds FAQ -- Applicable to All Vehicles
I cooked my 10ga wire at one point. They make conversions to convert a 12SI to a 120 amp alternator if you really need the juice. Of course, just be careful when .

Alternators - SSA STORE
140a 12si GM Alternator Chrome Finish 1-wire OR 3-wire connection 140a output . The Extreme Service high output bolt-in large case conversion alternator by .

Pirate4x4.Com - The largest off roading and 4x4 website in the world.
Wiring. 1 wire, 2 wire, 3 wire, 4. Voltage Sensing. Self-exciting (one-wire) . Simple - the alternator is the last conversion device in a long line that convert . The 10SI and 12SI are Delco Remy model series designations - not part numbers .

Early GM High Output Alternator - Quality Power
It requires only the battery cable 1wire to be hooked up at the rear of the unit. . the early GM 10SI and 12SI internally regulated alternator but built to provide higher . Generator Conversion Brackets-generator to alternator conversion brackets .

alternator conversion wiring harness adapter
Delco SI to CS - Part # W1201. Used to connect an early style Delco 10SI or 12SI internally regulated wiring harness to the later style Delco CS series alternator.

12Si Alternator Question - ChevyTalk --The Social Network for ...
I finally got around to replacing the dead 12Si alt with a new 12Si alt in my 87 G30 . I have had to do this several times when converting generators or . Usually, this wire burns out - and then the alternator doesn't work.

4 bad alternators in a row please help - YotaTech Forums
I have done a om617 convertion in my 85 4runne I have had 4 bad now. . I have done a om617 convertion in my 85 4runne . Is it possible that since the is no draw in power that the alternator somehow even at a low or no charge draw is back . I am ditchign the GM 1 wire andgoint a 12-si GM 3 wire .

Alternator Theory v15
Delco 10-SI and 12-SI Regulator Circuit diagram and circuit theory . Delco SI- CS Wiring harness conversion plug and part numbers for other aftermarket suppliers . 1…. Headlights get brighter when the engine is killed…The alternator is not .

PMA Parts
Products 1 - 10 of 10 . Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products). Product Image, Price- · Item Name · Blank Stator Core 10-12SI . Just add wire for your custom stator or rewind project. . This rotor shaft fits Delco 10SI/12SI alternator. . also be mounted on the wall next to your system to convert any 3-phase turbine into DC output.

10SI Delco Alternator 1 Wire Self Excited Regulator Rebuild ...
10SI Delco Alternator 1 Wire Self Excited Regulator Rebuild Conversion Kit Chevy . Delco 10SI 12SI 1 Wire Self Excited Alternator Kit Regulator Brushes .

Final DaysEdit

Wiring Delco 12SI for external reg - Cruisers & Sailing Forums
I'm planning on using an MC 614 and 94 amp 12SI to charge 400. . Converting an alternator from internally regulated to external is no big deal .


10SI and 12SI are Delco Remy model number designations, but not part . I want it right now! . assembly positions provides for proper exit of the wiring from the alternator, . But “energy is never lost or destroyed, it can only be converted.

100% New Parts - Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories
Your choice of OEM or 1-wire hookup - No messy wiring harness! . 7290 includes a universal wire harness that will work with either SI or CS . Includes conversion pigtail . 1-800-331-6562. 12. Chrysler Internal Regulator Alternator 7510 .

Alternator Brush Kit, Bosch, Stairmaster
Delco 1 Wire Self Excited Alternator Kit 10SI 12SI Regulator Brushes Bearings... Contains all you need to convert your Delco 10SI alternator into a self excited, .,-Bosch,-Stairmaster

Alternator Conversion
I wanted to upgrade the electrical system by adding a high amp alternator and . regulator... but I didn't want to just do the typical GM 10si or 12si conversion. . 10si wiring, I'd be a bit more familiar with it when rewiring everything (I've messed .

10Si Series Alternator Parts and Kits
Results 1 - 31 of 31 . #1 High Output Alternator, Stock Alternators, Starters and .

Alternators - High output alternators, High Amp Alternators, Alternator
Results 1 - 42 of 42 . #1 High Output Alternator, Stock Alternators, Starters and .

Delco (Delphi) CS family alternators
A big chunk involves the use of a new, at least new then, type of alternator. The new . 3 wires is the Version I setup and 2 wires is the Version F setup. . When you convert to a CS using the adaptor, you end up wired like Version F above. . There are aftermarket 12-SI alternators available with outputs to 140 amps peak.

CS130 alternator wiring • - '78-'88 GM G Body Community
Okay so I have the GM serp belt setup with cs130 style alternator. . street master torque converter, Hooker longtubes, G-Force cross member, . A lot of the stuff I just read doesn't even apply to the g-body...the 12si before this .

Billet high output alternator 150 amps at IDLE !!! Delco one wire ...
Feb 20, 2012 . Quick comparison between old style Delco 1 wire alternator, vs. our new solid . cs130 and 12si older units and current replacement units from our competitors. . 14 Volt Battery Conversion Part 1by blown72olds3,206 views .

Convert a lawn mower into a generator!
1. A Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine The motor: The generator project will require a . The alternator wires are not needed if a single wire alternator with built in regulator is used. . Bi-directional fan for GM 10SI or GM 12SI alternator.

CS130 alternator wiring • - '78-'88 GM G Body Community
I have already wired in the CS130 alternator and now I am just trying . A lot of the stuff I just read doesn't even apply to the g-body...the 12si before this . master torque converter, Hooker longtubes, G-Force cross member, 2.5 .

Mechman High Output Alternators Online
105a Subaru High Performance Replacement Alternator The Mechman 105a Subaru High . 140a 12si GM Alternator Chrome Finish 1-wire OR 3-wire connection 140a output, 70a . 220a High Output Alternator Conversion Civic/ CRX 88-91 .

General Motors type Alternator Parts and Kits
Results 1 - 37 of 37 . #1 High Output Alternator, Stock Alternators, Starters and .


Delco 10SI 12SI 15SI 27SI self excited exciting 1 wire voltage ...
Delco 10SI 12SI Alternator 6 Volt Voltage Regulator 1 Wire Self Exciting . 1 Wire Self Exciting Voltage Regulator Conversion Delco CS121 CS130 CS144 Kit .

Overcharging Lucas Alternators
I would put the alternator back on the car, and everything would be OK for about . most people use for TR7 and TR8 swaps are the Delco 10SI and 12SI units. . alternator conversion I referred to in answering Mark Tinker's wiring question on .

How To Rebuild Your Alternator - 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine
Front bearing, 7503-1, 12339293 . Parts and wiring diagrams are included in the well-detailed instructions for both . Converting to a GM alternator (sometimes called a Delcotron si) with a . The case can be marked at 3, 6, 9, or 12 o'clock.

how to convert from 6 volt to 12 volt - YouTube
Jan 21, 2010 . The alternator can be any 10 si alternator. You can even get a single wire one so you only have 1 terminal to hook up. You will not use the .

part # # ALT-1 $27.95 - Mad Enterprises
part # # ALT-1 $27.95. ALTERNATOR WIRING KIT for the GM DELCO “SI” series . Sections for converting from externally regulated alternator. . for 94amp (12SI) models, ask for an alternator for an '84 Camaro, 305G engine, 94amp Alt .

A12, Is your Battery Butler™ BBFC100 Storage Charger safe for use on the new . Why don't we make wiring (or wiring conversions) for 1-wire alternators? . if you want to convert your wiring from an externally regulated alternator to an SI or .

10Si Series Positive and Negative Ground Alternator, 6V to 12V Output
#1 High Output Alternator, Stock Alternators, Starters and more! . You will also find conversion kits to convert an existing 10si or 12si . on your tractor or antique vehicle, plus this page has wiring harnesses for the si series alternators. Use the .

1967 Chevy C10 generator to alternator conversion ...
Hi I have a 1967 Chevy C10 pickup with a brand new motor in it, but I dont know how to . If you want to keep it simple, you could just run a one wire alternator. . You need to figure out what alternator you have. 10SI? 12SI?

Gibbs vs. EliEdit

Missouri Wind and Solar
Products 1 - 50 of 176 . Convert your three phase current input into DC with this brand new and unused, . 4 1/2” Rotary Fan Specifications: - 12 VDC operation - 0.30 Amp - 1 1/2” deep . polycarbonate plate 1 AC connector pigtail for connection to the pma and wire terminals. . This rotor shaft fits Delco 10SI/12SI alternator.

100 amp Chrome Plated GM Alternator 1.10SI
Aug 19, 2012 . MaxxPower Chrome "One-Wire" GM Alternator replaces any 1965-86 GM unit 100-amp, chrome 1-wire GM alternator is manufactured with .

14655-14656. I. S. Delco 3 wire SI altemators. Lester numbers: 7182. 7 IS4. 7186 . 'F290. . '.1. Conversion harness CS 1 30D to Delco S1. 50-31l41L. 50-34153 .

NovaResource - SI to CS Alternator Conversion
Mar 24, 2001 . photo 1: External to internal regulated alternator conversion photo 2: . post on the back of the alternator is usually a 10- or 12-gauge wire.

i installed a one wire alternator on a 67 vette...i wire the amp meter ...
Apr 1, 2010 . Question - i installed a one wire alternator on a 67 vette...i wire the amp meter. . to convert your wiring from an externally regulated alternator to an SI or CS type, . Delco 12SI Series , 78 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley .


Attempted VictimsEdit

  • More Home made generator projects!
    The alternator to the right is our standard 7127, 63 amp 12 volt internally regulated alternator. . What I came up with that day was a battery charger made from a 1 HP AC motor and a . Please note that we no longer offer propane conversions. . Do not wire the alternator unless you are sure about what type you are using.

  • Alternator Kit - price list
    Jan 29, 2011 . 1G, Conversion Kit, $12.50, (3 wire to 1 wire conversion up to 100A). 1GB, $16.13 . Type 2 Kits, Delco-Remy 12SI Alternator. 2A, Repair Kit (3 .

  • Index For “Electrical” Section
    Torque Converter Lock-Up Kits .........207. Transmission . GM and aftermarket columns using 3-7/8” or 4-1/4” turn . GM “SI” alternator boot and terminal for internally regulated or . Use this 12 Circuit OEM style pre-wired fuse block to replace .

  • Delco 10si Alternator | Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec
    Find Delco 10si Alternator related suppliers, manufacturers, .


  • How to Wire a 10 SI Alternator |
    Always disconnect the car battery cables before wiring an alternator. . 1. Open the hood of your car. Wear lightweight rubber gloves before attempting to wire your Delco . Delco Remy: About · Expeditionlandrover: The Delco 10SI and 12SI Alternators . They do their job by converting mechanical energy that is produced .

  • Delco Alternator Wiring Options |
    How to Wire a 1980 Delco Alternator; How to Wire a 10 SI Alternator. Print this article . Delco alternators also have two tabs, marked 1 and 2. First, wire in the .


  1. How to Wire an AC Delco 3 Wire Alternator |
    The AC Delco 3 wire alternator was used in most General Motors products, and . 1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. 2. Connect a length of 10 gauge . Connect a small 12 volt warning light in series in this wire. . They do their job by converting mechanical energy that is produced. . How to Wire a 12Si Alternator .

  2. Alternators |
    Results 1 - 20 of 793 . MountAlternator 10si-12si 140 Amp Natural OE... more . PERFORMANCE ALTERNATOR One-wire hookup Internally regulated Provides . Case;With Air ConditioningThis Installation Requires Conversion Harness... more . Black GM Delco-Style Alternator 100 amps 1 wire hookup Does Not Include .

  3. 22r HO Alternator Swap - YotaTech Forums
    Ok so I am planning my alternator upgrade and have learned a ton from yotatech . Many folks are swapping in a GM style alternator (10si, 12si, CS130, or CS144) . No bracket needed, no wiring adapter needed, same belt.

  4. How to Set Up a Single Wire Delco Alternator |
    The single wire alternator requires a slight voltage deviation to begin charging, such . How to Hook Up a Single Wire Alternator; How to Wire a 10 SI Alternator . 1. Loosen the belt tensioner with a ratchet by inserting it into the tensioner arm and pulling . They do their job by converting mechanical energy that is produced .

  5. Portable engine driven generator/battery charger - YouTube
    Jul 27, 2008 . It's a 5HP briggs directly coupled with a 12si 80 amp delco-remy 3 wire alternator. I done some wiring to make the alternator self-energize .

  6. GM Alternator In A Ford
    Jan 2, 2009 . I surfed around a bit and found out that swapping a GM 10SI or 12SI series . Converting to fractional sizes that most of us are more familiar with, this works . The wiring needs to change to accommodate the new alternator.

  7. Yesterday's Tractors - Recommendations for 12 Volt Conversions
    When converting a tractor from 6 to 12 volts, five basic areas of the electrical . The 10-SI was also built as a “one-wire” or marine alternator, but this model is less . A typical Group 1 six volt battery measures 8-7/8” long x 6-7/8” wide x 8” tall, .

  8. One and Three Wire Alternator - Reconit Electric Rebuilders Ltd
    (1) Even with a VOLT gauge at the dash, it's a good idea to also have an . The 12SI Delco alternator is a very good up-grade for many makes and models. . factory “ALT Warning Light” when converting from the externally regulated alternator .

  9. Alternator Theory Version 17 R 1 - Plain Text
    Delco 10-SI and 12-SI Regulator Circuit diagram and circuit theory . Return An alternator has a coil of wire wound around a Ferro-resonate material. . The bridge rectifier diodes convert the AC waveforms (all 3-phases) to a DC voltage and .

  10. Electrical Specifications & Selection Guide
    12SI TYPE 100 ALTERNATOR . . NOTE: If the vehicle is idling then the maximum output will be less than 1/2 rated . 3-wire system — w/o fan and pulley .

  11. eBay Guides - You can do it I can help. 6-volt to12-volt conversion
    The internally regulated 10SI 12-volt alternator conversion does not need and . Some Delco SI alternators have been modified to a 1-wire configuration (no .

  12. alternator parts, starter parts items in s-and-d-repair store on eBay!
    Alternator Conversion Lead Delco 10SI 12SI 15SI to CS130 CS144 with resistor . Delco 10SI 12SI 1 Wire Self Excited Alternator Kit Regulator Brushes .

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Yesterday's Tractors - Updating The Charging System of Your Older ...
I reference the Delco alternator used in most GM late 70's cars and trucks with a 350 cu. in. . (Type #GM 10 SI, Model 7127, Cost is roughly $35), but nearly all internally . Before you begin you need to make sure your system is a 12v, negative . you must make this conversion before continuing with an alternator upgrade.

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