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definition agricultural use wetlands

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definition agricultural use wetlands
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Farming, Wetlands and “As of Right” Activities
"(a) The following operations and uses shall be permitted in wetlands and . (q) Except as otherwise specifically defined, the words "agriculture" and "farming" .

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Forested Wetlands - USDA Forest Service
Wetlands are complex and fascinating ecosystems that perform a variety of functions . If you find this publication helpful, please write and tell us how you used it. . Bob Tjaden, Delaware Department of Agriculture; David Savielkis, Delaware Division . However, before discussing the meaning of these traditional terms, we .

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UMass Extension Agriculture and Landscape - General Laws of ...
Definition of agriculture in Massachusetts according to general law. . 1972 – provides the broadest definition and gives farmers latitude to operate, use their land, . The Wetlands Protection Act regulations for agriculture are at 310 CMR 10.04 .

Agriculture, Forestry and Wetlands Protection in CT
course use relating to agriculture and forestry. . laws regulating the use of wetlands and watercourses. In . in the definition of farming and agriculture in section .

Scoping Agriculture - Wetland Interactions - FTP FAO
Exploring agriculture–wetland interactions: a framework for analysis. 5. Wetlands – diversity and definition. 7. Definitions and typologies. 7. Global diversity and .



Part 663: Freshwater Wetlands Permit Requirements - NYS Dept. of ...
(ii) making reasonable use of water resources for agricultural purposes;. (iii) harvesting the natural products of wetlands; .

Mar 6, 2012 . Can agricultural producers plant crops in wetland areas that have been farmed for . The term "waters of the United States" defines the extent of . activity represent a "new use" of the wetland, and 2) would the activity result in .

Wetlands Prot Act
improvement of land in agricultural use.” The Wetlands Protection Act Agriculture Regulations define the exemption in detail. This advisory provides guidance on .

Wetland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, in the United States, wetlands are defined as "those areas that . is being implemented to control use of the water in major agricultural regions.

Farming in Wetland Resource Areas:
“Normal maintenance or improvement of land in agricultural and aquacultural use” - as it is defined in the Wetlands Protection Regulations - qualifies for an .

Wetland Issues - Department of Soil Science
The problem is compounded by the difficulty in defining wetlands. . On the other hand, drained wetlands are attractive for agricultural uses and for commercial .

Ramsar wetland classification - FAO
Implications on the conservation and wise use of wetlands in Africa . A decision to map out different wetland types for possible agricultural development as a . The definition of wetlands included in the Convention is deliberately broad, .

Encounters With NCISEdit

Wetlands Issues
Oct 9, 2002 . Scientific questions include how to define wetlands, the current rate and . will not be considered "abandoned" if it remains in agricultural use, .

City of Medford Wetland Ordinance
for normal maintenance or improvement of land in agricultural use as defined by the Wetlands. Protection Act Regulations at 310 CMR 10.04. The application .

ERDC/CRREL CR-10-3, Growing Season Definition and Use in - DTIC
Growing Season Definition and Use in Wetland Delineation. A Literature Review. Karen Malone and Hans Williams. Division of Environmental Science. Stephen .

The State definition of wetlands corresponds to the Federal definition of . of drainage structures from agricultural fields can result in nontidal wetland restoration. . Submit Phase I of the Mitigation Plan or a proposal to use the Fund to MDE as .

Wetland Delineation: An Overview of Regulations and Methods1
The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is an Equal Opportunity Institution authorized to provide research, educational information . govern land- use activities within “waters of the . wetlands are included in this definition, not all .,%20Daniel.pdf

Welcome - Wetlands Bureau - NH Department of Environmental ...
The mission of the Wetlands Bureau is to protect and preserve submerged lands . Env-Wt 100-900 Wetlands Rules · Env-Wt 101 Definitions relating to Stream . Wetlands Application for Minimum Impact Agricultural Projects PDF Adobe .

Agricultural use of wetlands: opportunities and limitations
Aug 21, 2009 . Wetland definitions often include three main components. . Summarizing, intensive agricultural use of wetlands has definitely altered their .

Hydric Soils - Introduction | NRCS Soils
United States Department of Agriculture . Definition. The definition of a hydric soil is a soil that formed under conditions of saturation, flooding or ponding . and are recommended only for preliminary use in making wetland determinations.

Snohomish County : Grading Permits : Grading Permit Notes
Definition of Agricultural Activities - SCC 30.91A.090 defines agricultural activities as . wetlands and are not bringing wetlands into farming use for the first time.

Agricultural Assessment Guide for Wisconsin Property Owners
Nov 25, 2009 . remains in an agricultural use as defined by rule, there is no charge. When land that . Stats. and shown as a wetland on a final map under sec .

Onsite Identification of Wetlands
Other, broader, definitions of wetlands are generally used in addition to, or in . other scientists, land use planners, and watershed or water quality managers, . identification of wetlands on agricultural lands, as well as on non-agricultural .

Part 232 contains definitions applicable to the section 404 program for discharges . other use or the conversion of a wetland from silvicultural to agricultural use . A conversion of section 404 wetland to a non-wetland is a change in use of an .

Recommendations for Wetland Language in a Critical Areas ...
governments should not use suggested language contained in Appendix 8-B in their . All areas within the [city/county] meeting the criteria in the wetland definition in . maps produced by U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources .

Wetlands Protection Bylaw
POND A water body as so defined in the Wetlands Protection Act and 310 CMR . of land which is lawfully in agricultural use at the time the work takes place., .

Wetland Development And Management In SADC Countries
Session 4: Training and education on wetland use for agricultural purposes . No clear definition corresponding to the different types of wetlands important to .

Climate change, agriculture and wetlands in eastern Europe
Other agricultural uses of wetlands range from growing. Phragmites australis . Wetlands Definition, Classification, and Distribution. Wetlands are habitats .

Freshwater Wetlands Program - NYS Dept. of Environmental ...
A brief description of the New York State freshwater Wetlands Act and what it means to landowners. . They also buffer shorelines and agricultural soils from water erosion. . the ACOE definition of wetland is slightly different than the state definition, the . The wetland class helps to determine the best uses for each wetland.

Final DaysEdit

Freshwater Wetland Rules and Agriculture
Oct 20, 2003 . apply to changes in use that impair or further disrupt wetlands or State . definition of plowing, as well as other agriculture-related definitions, .

Wetlands Protection
wetlands definition as the basis of the actual wetlands zoning district. National . B. Wetlands constructed for stormwater treatment, agricultural use, waste treat- .

Wetland Preservation Ltd. v. Corlett
2 wetland mitigation bank satisfies the definition of “land devoted exclusively to agricultural use” for purposes of the CAUV statute. For the reasons that follow, we .

WWA Wetlands & Taxes
. definition of Agricultural Land . for use value property tax .

The EPA and the USACOE use the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands . in not regulating agricultural lands that meet the definition of prior converted cropland.

What is the "wise use" of wetlands? - Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
The Ramsar wise use concept applies to all wetlands and water resources in a . Parties recognized the need for greater precision and adopted a definition at its . grazing and agriculture; outdoor recreation and education for human society; .

The use of different definitions by regulatory and resource agencies has lead to . of serving as lead agency for identifying wetlands on agricultural lands under .

Land Use | Agriculture | US EPA
If an activity involving a discharge of dredged or fill material represents a new use of the wetland, and the activity would result in a reduction in reach or .

WETLANDS (NRCS) meaning | Ecology Dictionary
WETLANDS_(NRCS) definition according to the free Ecology Dictionary. . Service: SCS) uses the following definition for identifying wetlands on agricultural .

Wetlands - DNR
Persons who convert wetlands after November 28, 1990 in such a way as to . This definition includes abandoned areas (U.S. Department of Agriculture 1996). . or were in agricultural use and met FWP criteria on December 23, 1985 (U.S. .

Wetlands: Their Use and Regulation
logical values of wetlands, trends in wetlands use, and the effect of Federal and State wetland programs on . wetlands. Furthermore, because agricultural drainage and clear- . One definition was established by FWS for purposes of map- .

Chapter 227 WETLANDS PROTECTION Table of Contents
normal maintenance or improvement of land in agricultural use as defined by the Wetlands Protection. Act Regulations at 310 CMR 10.04. Provided, however .

Wetland characterization and classification for sustainable - FAO
Tanzania uses the Ramsar definition of wetlands and according to this definition there . With regard to the sustainability of wetland use for agriculture, Uganda's .

Wetlands, Agriculture and Poverty Reduction - International Water ...
organization is acknowledged for such use and kept informed of all such . Currently, there are many definitions of wetlands all of which have strengths and .

Wetlands, Water and the Law
Using law to advance wetland conservation and wise use. IUCN, Gland, . Wetlands. 84. 7.2 Principles for Legislation. 85. 7.3 Definitions and the Need for Legal Certainty. 87 . 18.1.1 Exemptions for Agricultural and Forestry Activities. 227 .


Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
The Convention uses a broad definition of the types of wetlands covered in its mission, including lakes and rivers, swamps and marshes, wet grasslands and .

WETLAND USES/DYNAMICS FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES AND ITS . Willard and Rezneat (1982) also defined wetlands as those areas, which are .

NJDEP-N.J.A.C. 7:7A, Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules ...
Use Regulation website at, or from the Office of Maps and . If an agricultural field has been abandoned for 40 or more years, . "Farmed wetland" means a freshwater wetland, as defined in this section, which .

Wetlands Reg Cover May 2008
Maintenance and Improvement of Land in Agricultural Use; 1993. Preface to Wetlands Regulatory Revisions Effective January 1, 1994. Wetland Regulations .

Farm Bureau Suit Seeks to Reinstate Exclusion From Wetland ...
Apr 28, 2010 . The filling of wetlands is regulated under the CWA, which prohibits the . defined as agricultural lands that were converted from wetlands prior to . [6] Farm Bureau members also use their prior converted cropland for their own .

Wetlands: An Overview of Issues
Agricultural Wetlands and the Section 404 Program . . States” and to use this term to define the jurisdictional reach of the act. The term would be defined to .

Wetland resources of Wyoming
undated). Nonetheless, about 90% of wildlife species in Wyoming use wetlands and . The NRCS applies the following definition in determining agricultural .

Ebro Delta: Wetland Values and Functions
Even with the use of commonly accepted definitions, wetlands are often unstable . Today they can support a multitude of activities including agriculture and .

Gibbs vs. EliEdit

Best Management Wetland Practices for Agriculture
The New Hampshire Wetlands Bureau defines wetlands as an area that is inundated or . continued agricultural use which impact Wetlands are -under the NH .

Joint Guidance on Conducting Wetland Delineations for the
SUBJECT: Guidance on Conducting Wetland Determinations for the Food . Agricultural use refers to open land planted to an agricultural crop, used for the . dredging, filling, leveling or otherwise manipulating the land, as defined in the FSA, .

monitoring, like the definition of wetland boundary and a land cover classification system. . conversion of wetland for agricultural use and for construction .

Wetland Preservation Ltd. v. Corlett - Ohio Supreme Court - vLex
Aug 27, 2012 . wetland mitigation bank satisfies the definition of “land devoted exclusively to agricultural use” for purposes of the CAUV statute. For the .

Maria Zaccagnini (National Institute of Agricultural Technology,. Argentina) . the conservation and wise use of wetlands on a completely different set of values. Hence . experiences together to provide a precise definition of wetlands is .

Hawaii - Wetlands Information Resource Locator
In many cases, these rules are established to define the state's role in the . or extraction of any materials; change in the density of intensity of use of land, . of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Wetlands Contacts for Hawaii.


  • Declaration of Restrictions for Impacted Wetlands on Agricultural
    WHEREAS, Declarant can make no use of the Impacted Wetland other than as agricultural land (as defined in Minn. Rules part 8420.0111, Subp. 6) for ten years .

    12.33 Use of wetland and converted wetland. . designates such land for conservation use, plants an agricultural commodity on a converted wetland, or converts .

  • Federal
    3 wetland definitions are currently in use at the Federal level. A fourth . as having high potential for agricultural development and a predominance of permafrost.

  • Part 514 — Wetland Determinations and Labels
    Such land may or may not have positive indicators for wetland criteria and/or meet the definition of wetland. Labels: Wetlands Manipulated for Agricultural Use .

  • RCW 84.34.020: Definitions.
    As used in this chapter, unless a different meaning is required by the context: . water supply, or (iii) promote conservation of soils, wetlands, beaches or tidal marshes, . (i) Has produced a gross income from agricultural uses equivalent to two .

Attempted VictimsEdit

  • Section 404 of the Clean Water Act
    Wetlands and Agriculture: . Areas that meet this definition may include intensively used and managed cropland, hayland, pasture land, orchards, vineyards, .

  • The Federal Wetlands Manual: Swamped by Controversy
    expanded development or agricultural use. . Some wetlands aren't easy to define . a wetland definition used for identifying wetlands on agricultural lands.

  • The Effects of Agricultural Irrigation on Wetland Ecosystems in ...
    We begin this review with a definition of wetlands as well as some observations about . can we be that the observed effects were due to agricultural water use?

  • CRS Report: 96-35 - Agricultural Wetlands: Current Programs and ...
    By 1992, the gross rate of conversions to agricultural use had declined to 31,000 acres, . Swampbuster applies to all places that meet its definition of wetlands.



  1. Wetland Definitions and Classifications in the United States
    This article provides an overview of wetland definitions and classification . lands in Alaska identified as having high potential for agricultural development and a . Although this system is still in use, the inadequate definition of wetland types .

  2. Hydrological strategy to develop and manage African wetland - FAO
    Although not necessarily against agricultural development, the Wise Use Working Group . If individual mapping classes were defined as wetland, then wetland .

  3. Prior Converted Croplands/Wetlands Information | Washington State ...
    In other words, PCCs are wetlands that were drainined, dredged, filled, leveled, . After 1985 these sites must continue to be in active agricultural use.

  4. Wetland Determination Procedures for Agricultural ... - Indiana NRCS
    Mar 1, 2007 . defined in the Agricultural Wetland Data Sheet) was present, review a . and/or 1986 slide(s) must be reviewed to document land use as of .

  5. Wetland Restoration (657)
    Definition. A rehabilitation of a degraded wetland where the soils, hydrology . been devoted to agricultural use. . Consider the longterm use, objectives and .

  6. Land Use Policy - US Department of Agriculture
    Continued conversion of the Nation's wetlands may reduce the availability of . other beneficial uses of the land as mining is completed in defined areas or sites.

  7. W E T L A N D - U S E
    All terms first appearing on boldface are defined in the glossary. . WETLAND- USE is a tool to assist agricultural and nature conservation extension staff, .

  8. Forestry Practices and Wetland & Watercourse Resources in ...
    The definition of agriculture is found . The greatest threat facing today's forest is man-made, land-use change. By . The Agriculture, Forestry and Wetlands .

  9. Wetlands: Characteristics and Boundaries
    3 WETLAND DEFINITIONS: HISTORY AND SCIENTIFIC BASIS (43-64) . The current and historical use of agricultural land, and especially the date of .

  10. Laws, Regulations, Treaties: Policy and Technical Guidance ...
    Jul 2, 2012 . Key policy and technical guidance documents regarding wetlands and . Information pertaining to Clean Water Act definition of "Waters of the United States" . to agriculture and clarifies agricultural exemptions under section 404(f). . source programs can use the protection of existing wetlands and the .

    Your browser either does not support JavaScript or you have .

  12. Agricultural Uses and Ag Structures
    Both the Freshwater Wetlands Act and the Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers . “Agricultural use structure” means any barn, stable, shed, silo, garage, fruit .

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Tanzania country paper Agriculture in the Tanzania wetlands - FAO
According to the Ramsar definition "Wetland are areas of marsh, fen, peatland or water, whether . So far, no proper plan exists for use in agricultural production.

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