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reset vista games scores
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Hard Reset - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hard Reset is modeled on "old school" video games such as Quake and Unreal, which results in more straightforward gameplay than most modern first-person .

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Died: circa September 2005

How to Reset Vista Password - POLITICO Forums -
Ok, here's my problem; I have a home PC running Vista home . Step 1: Google search Windows Password Recovery Tool, get results from suggestion; . Thanks for the help, I was just looking how to reset Windows Vista .

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Hearts (Windows) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The names are not used in the Windows Vista version of the game. . point cards incur the appropriate points for those, which are added to their previous score.

Vista games will not reset - Vista Forums
I tried to reset my scores on both Hold 'em and Windows Solitaire. . Worse, even after winning games in. . Welcome to Vista Forums. Here is a .

Solitaire statistics reset - Vista Forums
This question is for regular solitaire for Vista Home 32. I play solitaire A . To reset the game statistics, you need to delete some files. These files .



Resetting high scores
Mar 6, 2002 . WildTangent Game High Scores. Several of the games we offer have an option within the game's "options" or "settings" menu to reset your high .

How to Reset Windows Vista Solitaire |
Create a simple text file and execute it as a batch file in Vista to reset Solitaire . How to Play Vista Solitaire on XP; How to Access the Spider Solitaire Game on .

Spider Solitaire (Windows) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The version of Spider Solitaire included in Windows Vista allows row deals to be . In Windows 7, these scores appear in the Games Explorer by clicking the .

How to Reset Game Statistics in Windows 7 | Web Talk
Sep 22, 2010 . Have got an embarrassing score on Windows 7 Game Score you wish to. . PC BIOS utility · Windows Restart Command in Windows 7/Vista/XP .

PC Games | PopCap Customer Support
I have a problem running my game on Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Sometimes . My game score or progress isn't saving between sessions! So, you played up to .

Windows Solitaire Cheats, Codes, Hints, Game Tips, PC - Cheatbook
Cheatbook - Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints for Games . Reset cards: ------------ If all cards have been revealed in Vegas mode, and the game was not . Windows Vista version: Good scores: ----------------------------------- Press H and [ Enter] .

Encounters With NCISEdit

How to Force a System Restore if Windows Vista Won't Run - For ...
If you've managed to fry the system so badly that Windows won't even start, you can use your function keys to force Windows Vista to run a system restore.

How to Reset the Games Statistics Files in Windows 7 - The ...
Feb 25, 2009 . When you finish or discard a game in Windows 7, the results are stored in a . How to Add Downloads Folder to the Windows Vista Start Menu .

"Factory Reset" of Vista free upgrade to Win7
The only problem is that my computer doesn't have any of the convenient services that allow a factory reset to happen internally and requires .

How to Fix Windows Spider Solitaire |
Windows Spider Solitaire is one of the free games bundled with Microsoft Windows. . If you are experiencing errors or problems with Spider Solitaire, such as scores saving incorrectly or the game freezing... . How to Restore Spider Solitaire to Microsoft Game Panel; How to Beat Spider Solitaire . Windows Vista or Seven .

Windows Experience Index - Reset - Windows 7 Forums
How to Reset the Windows Experience Index (WEI) in Windows 7 or Vista. . Other Info Processor-7.7 *RAM- 7.9 *Graphics-7.9 *Gaming Graphics- 7.9 *SSD- 7.8 W.E.I final score= 7.7 *Phone- Samsung Galaxy Nexus . It does reset the scores, but you will not notice that it say unrated unless you open .

How to Play Inkball with Step-by-Step Pictures - wikiHow
Jul 7, 2011 . InkBall, a Windows Vista program originally released as a game for the . There is no way provided to clear the Highest Score which remains . REG) then this can be run this (by double clicking) and the HiScore will be reset.

Football - Valley Roadrunner
Jaguars open football season with scrimmage at Chula Vista . The Jaguars recovered, which resulted in a reset for the Chula Vista offense at its own 40. Seven plays later, the Spartans were in the endzone for their first score of the game.

Reboot Compaq laptop to factory settings
Windows 7 is on my laptop and I want to go back to vista until I can afford to go to . Score. 0. Vote Up. net_explorer February 27, 2010 at 10:13:38 Pacific .

My Vista Aero Glass Turned Itself Off, How Do I Enable it Again ...
Apr 22, 2008 . every time i restart my computer, i have to go into the services to . Ok… i ran into this problem because i ran two programs at once, they are both games . I re-ran the performance score test in Vista, then rebooted and was .

reset laptop to factory settings with no disc
(Im writing this question through my brother's laptop) I need to Reset my Sony Vaio to . Vista. Score. 0. Vote Up. romo82 June 19, 2010 at 14:23:18 Pacific .

Frequently Asked Questions - Baseball | the Strat-O-Matic Game Co.
Q: My game is not working, can my Anti-Virus program be the problem? A: A. Yes! . Q: How can I view a box score from a game that has been played? A: If you .

Top PS Vita Games of All Time -
Welcome to's top games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, generated by editorial reviews and . Reset all filters . Our Score7. 9th .

Minesweeper : 500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"
May 31, 2006 . Minesweeper is another old Windows game, dating back to Windows 3.1. . That pesky Reset Scores button on the list of Fastest Mine .,1261-39.html

Optimizing the Windows Vista settings
The total index value (the Base score, with a maximum score of 6) equals the . hardware like the processor, memory (RAM), graphics, gaming graphics and the . In Windows Vista, System Restore has an additional feature to be able to .

Final DaysEdit

Gemcraft or any other flash game TRANSFER SAVE FILE TUTORIAL ...
Kongregate Gemcraft or any other flash game TRANSFER SAVE FILE TUTORIAL , post your . points when you load it on Kongregate, or do you need to hit reset to reapply them and make use of them? . This is for Vista, if you're using XP, just look it up online. . Score PowerUp Rewards® on Kongregate .

The Authoritative Minesweeper: Vista Review
Review of Vista Minesweeper. . Vista has changed minesweeper. . Instead it automatically saves the score and the date for each of your five best scores on . You can screenshot the game, solve the situation and then restore the window.

American Girl: Innerstar University: Parents Page | Fun for Girls ...
Playing games; Kinds of games; Winning games/scores; Points; No game . an e- mail from us at the parent e-mail address on file with a link to reset your password . . 2.0 GHz or higher; Windows OS 7/XP SP3/ Vista SP 1; RAM: 512MB .

Windows "System Restore" - Your New Best Friend!!
. create a Restore Point right before installing a new software program, game, hardware driver, . If you are unhappy with the results, Windows will let you "undo " the restore. . How to Turn On System Restore for a Disk Drive in Windows Vista .

not enought disk space to factory reset
. error that says I don't have enough disk space? Shouldn't a complete factory reset wipe out all info on the hard drive? Windows Vista/e525 ...

ScoreKeeper Tech Support
Hotsyncing with the Cable in Windows 7 or Vista (Note: your existing Palm Software on CD won't work) . Exporting Games to Score fromTurboStats . Press [Reset All Games] to clear the old games and reset the game to import list.

KGS - FAQ (in English)
My opponent just left the unfinished game. What should I do? Iieeehh! When counting, my stones were suddenly marked dead! The score estimator shows a .

Add 3D Pinball To Windows Vista
Dec 17, 2007 . chris said: I installed it on vista and everything is fine. Except that the highscore resets every time i start the game. Loosing all scores. Any idea?

Revision History - Software - Bridgemate - wireless scoring solutions ...
Windows 7 and Vista Notes · FAQ - Troubleshooting .

[Vista] How to Restore Folder Icons to Default - UnlockForUs
Recently, I installed a program to customize the current Windows Vista theme and icons. I am so amazed with the program because they gave three themes for .

How to replace the save-game / -file from Angry Birds (PC) - YouTube
Jun 5, 2011 . appdata% works on Windows 7 & Vista ... on XP you have to do another thing ... by Mila432. . die highscores.lua bringt garnix? die level bleiben . How to Reset Angry Bird Games on Windowsby balutalk2,216 views; Angry .

Troubleshooting | PopCap Customer Support - PopCap Customer ...
My game score or progress isn't saving between sessions! So, you played up to . I have a problem running my game on Windows 7, Vista, or XP. Sometimes .

Straight to the exit 2 - Free Online Games - TruVista Communications
Play Free Online Games, fun games, puzzle games, action games, sports games, flash games, . Credit Score 3. . Free Online Games: Straight to the exit 2 .

SolSuite Solitaire - Advanced Features
At any time you can restore the default card size by clicking the "Reset" button. . Opens the Clear values dialog box which allows you to clear your Hi-Scores and . restart games; high-quality on-line help; support for Windows 7, Vista and XP; .

Sony lists Vita-compatible PSP games ahead of February 22nd ...
Feb 9, 2012 . The company provided an answer today, posting a preliminary list of 275 downloadable games that will be waiting for gamers, including Final .


Compaq CQ50 factory restore, back to Vista
I have a Compaq CQ50 laptop that was originally installed with Vista. Last winter I upgraded to Windows 7 (upgrade install, not fresh) and I .

Angry Birds Ultimate Backup Tutorial for all Platforms | AngryBirdsNest
In a perfect world, an iTunes backup and restore would work 100% of the time. . Windows Vista or 7 = C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Rovio\ . The total score on the games center and some achievements don't show up at all :( any .

How to Set Windows Vista to Reboot Overnight - For Dummies
Shutting a Windows Vista computer all the way down and then rebooting can cure many computer problems. When you reboot, Windows goes through several .

FAQ - Rovio Entertainment Ltd
I can't seem to activate the game under a separate user on the same computer. Why not? . All of my previously completed levels and scores are gone. What can .

how to reset compaq destop, windows vista, to
I need to restore my compaq destop with windows vista to factory default. I bought the computer and it didn't come with any backup disks or .

restore vista backup after factory reset
Hi Folks, Have standard desktop running vista. Crashed and would not reboot so used the factory reset CD. I back up my PC on an external .

Mouse Clicking Game - Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP Video Tutorials
Jul 2, 2012 . Software Tutorial covering Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows . There is a reset button which empties out the game score and .

How to Change the Color Scheme in Windows Vista - For Dummies
If you know how to change the color scheme in Windows Vista, you can control the colors that Windows uses when displaying dialog boxes, menus, and .

Gibbs vs. EliEdit

How to Create a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk - For Dummies
The best way to protect yourself and your password is to create a password reset disk in Windows Vista. A password reset disk is a defensive maneuver.

How to Delete System Restore Points in Windows Vista - For Dummies
Windows XP included a simple slider that let you adjust the maximum amount of room reserved for restore points; Vista doesn't have the same kind of flexibility.

Halo 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. April 2010. The online multiplayer of Halo 2 for Windows Vista utilizes Games for Windows – Live. . Bungie also reset all ranks for Halo 2 at the same time. . the game has attained overall scores of 95 out of 100 and 94.62%, respectively.

How to Start Windows Vista in Safe Mode - For Dummies
If you needed to force the Safe Mode startup using the MSCONFIG command, you'll need to reverse the process in order to restart into standard Windows Vista .

forgotton bios password NEED A WAY TO RESET IT
forgotton bios password NEED A WAY TO RESET IT. Tags: Toshiba satellite / L3ood · Windows · Vista · basic. Score. 0. Vote Up. djselekta April .

[Solved] Need to restore BIOS every time
[Solved] Need to restore BIOS every time. Tags: . laptop · system · restore. Score . 0. Vote Up. nooner March 26, 2012 at 01:31:55 Pacific Specs: Vista, 250/2GB .


  • VP3 Patch
    Celeris Logo. Games Community Support Downloads Links Employment . Corrected a problem with running on Windows Vista . On a snooker break and a foul occurs and the opponent passes the turn back, the break statistics did not reset to zero . Fixed scoring bug One Pocket where score was not counted correctly .

  • Windows Minesweeper - MinesweeperWiki
    Jul 29, 2012 . Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. . mines are still hidden and a time counter keeps track of your score. . You can restore them on versions before Vista by editing the Winmine.ini file .

  • How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows Vista - For ...
    Every once in a while, it's good computer practice to create a system restore point in Windows Vista, particularly when you install some software or tweak some .

  • Use System Restore - For Dummies
    If you're running these steps a second time, because Vista's recommended restore point didn't supply the magic fix, choose a different restore point and click .

  • How to Transfer Angry Birds Progress Between iOS Devices ...
    Apr 20, 2012 . This way if something happens you can always restore. . Is there something I need to do inABs HD games to unlock something to let the Achievements load from the iPhone to the . (Vista, 7) :\Users\\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications 6. . 4) Play 1 level of the app (score doesn't really matter) .

Attempted VictimsEdit

  • How to Remove Vista Anti Virus 2012
    How to Remove Vista Anti Virus 2012. Vote Down. Score. 1 . Without a reboot, download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (black button with green .

  • How to Use System Restore on Multiple Drives in Windows Vista ...
    Vista's System Restore program (Microsoft insists on calling it System Protection) backs up system files. It doesn't back up data files. Fair enough. However, Vista .

  • How to Use the Vista Rating Tool |
    The Vista Rating Tool, recently renamed Windows Experience Index, determines how . Click "Score this Computer" if you've never used the rating tool. . How to Reset Windows Vista Performance Issues List . Great Games for Your Phone .

  • How to Restore from Windows Vista's Complete PC Backup - For ...
    Suppose you lose everything on your Windows Vista computer. If you were wise, you used the Complete PC Backup. Now all you have to do is restore.


  • Windows Vista - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Complete PC Restore can be initiated from within Windows Vista or from the . A new Games Explorer special folder contains shortcuts and information to all games . print, display, and networking subsystems; although the results of this work .

  • Solitaire (Windows) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Solitaire is a computer card game that is included in Microsoft Windows. . at a time, switching between Vegas scoring and Standard scoring, and disabling scoring entirely. . The Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions of the game save statistics on the number and . Backup and Restore Center · cmd.exe · Control Panel .


  1. How to reset my laptop?
    Hi, i have a acer laptop i bought it with preinstalled vista on it, so i did not get . How to reset my laptop? Tags: vista home. Vote Down. Score. 1 .

  2. Dell Studio One Factory Settings
    I have downloaded a virus onto my Dell Studio One Touch Screen. I have reformatted and reset it to factory settings via disk. Virus hasn't gone.

  3. [Solved] i think i need to reset pc to factory settings
    how do i restore pc to factory pc is acting crazy,all my restore points are gone.the view on my screen is blown up.will not alow me to .

  4. How to Create a System Restore Point for Windows Vista - For ...
    Whenever you're going to install a new piece of software (or even update an existing application ), it's a good idea to create a system restore point for Windows .

  5. A215-S4697 reset forout of the box condition not avail
    reset to out of the box staton a215-s4697. I have tried to access through f2, f8 and unable to do with out disks. It says more options avail logging .

  6. restoring data on vista after factory reset
    After system crashed and would not restart, I did a factory reset to reboot. I did not have backup copies of my files and data. Did I lose it all or is it .

  7. Trying to restore Dell laptop factory setting
    I'm trying to restore a friends Dell laptop computer to factory settings using the restore partition, but having no luck. I followed all directions by .

  8. How to Set a System Restore Point in Windows 7 and Vista - For ...
    System restore points are set automatically in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows Vista resets usually just after midnight (assuming that you're up that late .

  9. restore sony vaio vgn-nr140e to factory settings without a d
    . looking for. Tap it when the computer is turning on and it should take you to the recovery partition. From there you can restore your computer.

  10. Restore Dell PC to preinstalled Factory Vista
    It is an option on dell computers with Vista. You should see more options on the next screen. There should be something like restore factory .

  11. Acer eRecovery stopped working
    When I click the icon it displays BACKUP/RESTORE table and shut down system . Score. 1. Vote Up. bish64 September 23, 2010 at 12:51:31 Pacific Specs: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, 2 GHz / 1976 MB . really used it, (Just a few times) and it was fine, recently I tried to install a PC game but it wouldn't read.

  12. system restore won't work on vista
    It has disabled Malaware & AVG and it won't let me run system restore. Please . Software · Security and Virus · Office Software · PC Gaming · See More. . system restore won't work on vista. Tags: Windows Vista. Score. 0 .

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Invalid file or File too short error in Plants vs Zombies | PopCap ...
This error message means that the save data for the game has become . Select the date you would like to reset to, and click Restore. . (Note: if you're on Vista or 7, you probably need to change your folder . Error message: Failed to create high score file · How to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" in Windows Vista or 7.

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